Price Haggling: A Smart Strategy or a Thing of the Past?

There was a time when price haggling to buy a car, particularly a used car, was a standard and essential part of the process. If you didn’t negotiate, you would most likely overpay by thousands. But times have changed and the used car industry is much more reputable now than it was thirty years ago. Not to mention that in the age of the internet, information about a used car is quite literally at your fingertips. The most reputable Kernersville car dealerships provide detailed information about their used cars on their websites, making your decision-making process easier. That means that haggling could be a thing of the past. Take a look at the case for it and the case against it, then decide for yourself.  

The case for haggling 

When you tell anyone that you are thinking about buying a used car, they will most likely tell you to make sure you negotiate a good pricePrice haggling has nearly become a synonym for used car buying. And there are some benefits to it. Because some dealers expect buyers to haggle on the price, many will set their pricing accordingly. That means that you could potentially be overpaying if you don’t push for the best price. And if the dealer can’t offer a better price, they may be able to offer a free upgrade or perk instead. What have you got to lose? It’s only a question, after all. The worst that can happen is that the dealer says no.  

The case against haggling 

Haggling may not be worth the time and effort for many people. Why? Well for one it can be difficult and uncomfortable for many buyers. It’s also tough. To be in a strong position to haggle you need to have a lot of information about your car and the industry as a whole. That’s a lot of homework for one person to do for a small price cut. But it may not be worth the hassle anyway. That’s because the best Kernersville car dealers, like Terry Auto Outlet NC, do the market research for you and price their used cars so competitively that you don't need to ask for a big discount. The cars on the lot are priced to sell. If you choose the right used car dealer, then you can rest assured you’re getting a great deal, even if you don’t negotiate. 


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